The next language of the Web™
Water™ is a new language optimized for rapidly prototyping XML Web services. It delivers both power and simplicity. The language is as easy as BASIC and as powerful as LISP. It is a pure Web services Object Oriented platform that uses the ConciseXML™ syntax and provides OO Capability security.
Try Water
Download and install the Community Edition of Water. It is a small, thin-client that includes a Server and IDE from Clear Methods. Works with most platforms including Mac, Linux, Windows, Solaris, SGI.

Water: Simplified Web Services and XML Programming

The ultimate guide to Water by the co-creator of the language. In these pages, Mike Plusch guides you through Water programming with hands-on tutorials and over 1,000 examples that include the source code and output. You’ll discover how, by programming in XML syntax with Water, you can streamline the creation of complex Web services–for example, how a complete Web service can be implemented in one line of code. Loaded with valuable code, this book is the next best thing to having the developer of Water on your staff.

The table of contents and many chapters with examples are posted online. Order your copy here.

Check the latest updates and errata.


Boston Water Users Group meeting, held monthly in Cambridge, Massachusetts
New England's Water Language User Group meets monthly in Cambridge, MA. All are welcome to attend. See the Boston Water site for directions and meeting topics.

International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering. Paper entitled Using B-trees to Implement Water: a Portable, High Performance, High-Level Language.

Clear Methods presenting at IEEE KIMAS: Modeling, Evolution and Engineering, Waltham, Massachusetts

Water Language Conference held in Cambridge, Massachusetts

TRI-XML, July 27-29, North Carolina State University's McKimmon Center, Durham, NC. Conference Theme -- XML in Practice: Hit the Ground Running. View the presentation, Teaching Web Services and XML with the Water Language, by Dr. Ed Gehringer, associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University along with Matt Kendall, also of NCSU, and Christopher Fry of Clear Methods.

The Quickest Route To Implementing Web Services
Merrick Stemen looks at the fastest, easiest way to program web services and offers examples implemented in the Water language. This article compares a Water language web server program with the equivalent Java programming.

For New Users

Quick Reference Page
Covers the common Water constructs in a few pages.

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"Water represents an opportunity to clean up the mess of scripts and languages used to build interactive Web applications. Both enterprises and ISVs will find it well worth while to spend the short time required to learn this new, simpler approach for Web services applications,"
-- Jonathan Stephenson, CBDI.
Breakthrough restaurant application.
Accelerated to market by Water software prototyping.
Water uses the ConciseXML syntax. ConciseXML makes it convenient to represent logic, presentation, and data in an XML-based syntax.
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